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Global Warming Essay

Now the average temperature is steadily rising worldwide. It refers to – global warming. The reason of global warming could be the different factors, however, many scientists connect it with a greenhouse effect. Long-term observations show that as a result of economic activities the gas structure and the dust content of the bottom layers of an atmosphere are changing. From the ploughed up grounds during dusty storms million tons of particles of ground rise in air. By the development of the minerals, by the manufacture of cement, at application of the fertilizers and friction of the automobile trunks about the road, at burning of the fuel and emission of the waste products of the industrial productions to the atmosphere a plenty of the weighed particles of various gases get. Definitions of the structure of the air show, that now in an atmosphere the carbonic gas has increased by 25 % than 200 years ago. It is, certainly, the result of the economic activities of the person, and also the cutting down of woods, which green leaves absorb carbonic gas. The greenhouse effect which is shown in heating of the internal layers of the atmosphere of the Earth is connected to increase of concentration of the carbonic gas in the air. It occurs because the atmosphere passes the significant part of radiation of the Sun. The part of beams is absorbed and heats up a terrestrial surface, and from it the atmosphere is also heated up. Other part of beams is reflected from the surface of the Planet and this radiation is absorbed by molecules of carbonic gas that promotes the increase of the average temperature on the Planet.

The consequences of the global warming are the following:

  • If the temperature on the Earth will continue to rise, it could significantly influence on a world climate
  • In tropics will drop out more rainfalls, as additional heat will raise the contents of water fallow in the air
  • In droughty areas the rains will become even rarer
  • The temperature of the seas also will be raised, that will lead to flooding of low-level areas of the coast and to increase in number of the storms
  • Rise in temperature on the Earth can cause a rising of a sea level as water being heated up becomes less dense and extends
  • The inhabited grounds will be reduced
  • The water-salt balance of the oceans will be disturbed
  • Trajectories of movement of the cyclones and anticyclones will be changed
  • If the temperature on the Earth will be raised, many animals cannot adapt to climatic changes.

The main measure of preventing the global warming can be formulated as: to find a new kind of fuel or to change technologies of using of the existing kinds of fuel. It means that it is necessary:

  • To reduce emission in an atmosphere of greenhouse gases
  • To establish constructions for clearing emissions in the atmosphere at factories, plants, and boiler-houses
  • To refuse traditional kinds of fuel for the benefit of more non-polluting
  • To reduce volumes of cutting down of woods and to provide their reproduction
  • To create the laws providing the prevention of global warming
  • To reveal the reasons of global warming, to observe them and to eliminate the consequences.


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