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Essay on Motion Capture in Games

There are so many different computer technologies in our modern world that were developed specially for our entertainment. Big and respected corporations in game industry every year try to delight us in a better way and keep the leading places within visual world. Over last 20 years many various gadgets were created, and I think that one of the most fascinating is motion capture. What is that and how it is used in computer games?

Motion capture is a process that includes a record of some movement and then its translation to a digital model for animating virtual characters in 2D or 3D space. It begins when a human actor puts on special magnetic or reflective markers and performs the required actions, while digital cameras capture the motion of these markers. After computer converting of the recorded data, a composite figure is designed and can be modified by ordinary animation software.

In games this technology is more than simply necessary; it is almost irreplaceable as it has no rivals in creating live animation that can turn any game into similar one to our real life. In other words, motion capture makes the animation process much easier and faster and can recreate characters more realistic, especially during sport or fighting activities.

Also I would like to write about several advantages of the motion capture that make it very powerful in game industry. It is more rapid even can offer real time results. Regardless of the complexity of the performance, the animation always will be of the highest quality. This means that realistic physical interactions and complex movements can be easily recreated in the digital model.

I think that motion capture is a very useful and striking computer technology that allows every game player to be involved into game process more fully and feel all the tense moments with higher level of adrenalin and brighter emotions. Can Write an Original Essay for You!

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