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Essay on Managing Homework

Homework is a form of independent practice. Homework plays an important role in the learning process. Its main aim is to consolidate skills and knowledge received in the classroom. In addition accomplishing homework helps to increase the students’ responsibility, get additional information and develop skills of independent work. Positive effect homework of the learning process can be neglected if it’s not done properly. Constant repetition creates the best opportunity for the successful comprehension of the new material. Well-organized process of home learning creates good opportunities for this constant repetition. While accomplishing homework students learn to overcome difficulties and obstacles, learn to count on their own abilities and thus they learn to be independent. Students become more attentive in the classroom knowing they will have to make familiar tasks in home alone. Homework is an important element of the learning process but it should correspond to the number of basic requirements in order to be effective and to fulfill its function in the best way. One of the main requirements to the homework is regularity. Homework should become a habit for the students in order to make them used to work independently. Homework should also be fixed according to the students’ age, their knowledge level and subject learnt. It shouldn’t consume too much time and shouldn’t require more than two hours to accomplish it.

Despite homework is a type of individual activity, teacher’s role is very important here. All the positive effect of the homework can be neglected if students are not taught to make their homework correctly. The teacher should develop right attitude to this type of learning activity. He should also well explained, as in contrast to classroom work students have no opportunity to specify the task or ask their questions when working at home. Thus it’s necessary to make the assignment clear and comprehensive for all the students. The teacher should ask students to be attentive while making their homework. One of the main goals of the homework is to avoid mistakes. Regular homework should lead to the lower error rate. That is the reason clear explanations and specifications are necessary before students start accomplishing homework. Students should also have access to any materials, which can simplify accomplishing of their homework. Motivation is a very important aspect of the learning process. The best way to make students do their homework regularly is to create motivation for them to understand the important meaning of independent work. It’s not enough to create motivation for regular accomplishing homework. It’s also necessary to motivate students to do as few errors in their homework as possible. Students should know that they are doing their homework with some purpose and regular check ups can also have a positive effect on this process. Students should know not only results of their homework, but also the criteria of rating system. Discussion of the homework, its best strategies and possible mistakes can also very useful. It’s necessary to discuss homework with students regularly. In such a way have an opportunity to ask questions and see their progress and failures.

Homework should be the continuation of the class work, so it should be aligned with classroom activities. It’s a perfect way to repeat and expand the material learnt in the classroom.


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