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Education Essay Examples

Essay on Analyzing Student Verbal and Written Assignment

There is no doubt that a good teacher should be able not only to teach students how to read and comprehend texts, write high-quality essays and present speeches, but a teacher should also be able to assess objectively students’ work. The main goal of current essay is to develop two scoring rubrics, which would allow to assess students’ verbal presentations and their written assignments. Continue reading

Essay on Analysis of Student’s Work: Class Grading System

Grading system is one of the key elements used in estimating students’ work during the whole school year. It is very important that both teachers and students understand how a certain grading system works in order to avoid any conflicts. First of all a grading system should reflect students’ performance. It should show how good or bad students’ work while fulfilling various task. Usually grading systems focus only on the results of work, however, it is also necessary to pay attention weather a work was turned in at the right time.
Continue reading

Essay on Managing Homework

Homework is a form of independent practice. Homework plays an important role in the learning process. Its main aim is to consolidate skills and knowledge received in the classroom. In addition accomplishing homework helps to increase the students’ responsibility, get additional information and develop skills of independent work. Continue reading

Social Studies: Professional Development Plan for Educators

Staff development plan is very important and in terms of this paper its basic points are developed. Primarily the main focus is on curriculum as well some observations are made in order to prevent possible difficulties the realisation of the plan may face. Than workshops, bulletins, in services are briefly discussed. Naturally, each plan has to be based on certain resources that are essential for its realisation. Furthermore, in order to achieve higher efficiency of the staff development plan it is necessary to use demonstrations. Finally, the plan also focuses on students for whose sake the staff is actually supposed to progress. Continue reading

Classroom Time Management Essay

Obviously, the contemporary teaching is quite a complicated process that is primarily focused on individual approach to each student. The latter is an essential condition of successful teaching. This is why it is extremely important to take into consideration individual students characteristics, especially in making critical pacing decisions. Continue reading

Essay about the “Process Approach to Writing”

The process writing is a comparatively new method of writing, which is a part of process pedagogy. In contrast to usual writing centered on the final result the process writing centers on the process itself. So, we can state that usual writing is a product-based writing while the process writing is process-centered one. For many years all teachers’ assistance in the writing process was reduced to simple analyzing of the ready papers and commenting on the results of the work. The process pedagogy assumes that writing is something that can and should be taught and writing skills can be developed. The process writing centers on the open dialog between a writer and a teacher assuming that thoughts are changed and developed in the process of writing and final variant can differ a lot from the first draft or outline. Continue reading

Essay on Research-Based Programs in Education

What does it mean to be a research-based professional? To answer this question and to understand how teachers must work with research-based programs we should analyze the recommended article by Bonnie Grossen. There are a number of key issues, the importance of which is obvious for teachers. The first problem deals with mechanism for distinguishing fads from best practice. The matter of the fact is that scientific researches with tests and measurement are important nowadays in education as they can show visible results and every teacher must understand it. American population just now understands the necessity of these measures and they are ready to pay for private schooling. Continue reading

Compare and Contrast Essay on Teaching and Learning Theories: Behaviorism and Constructivism

Modern methodologists put a lot of effort defining the best methodological model for students and for the future perspective. There are a lot of learning approaches and it’s not easy to choose the best one. In the papers I will concentrate on behaviorist and constructivist models of learning, their definitions, differences and similarities. Continue reading

Essay on Reading Strategies: Using Prediction Strategy for Teaching 6th Grade Students

Ability to predict is one the essential strategies that a lot of teachers try to foster in their children while teaching them how to read, because it helps the children to concentrate on what they are going to read, and thus better understand the main points of the text they are be reading. There are two main functions of prediction. It makes the class to think and initiates a loud discussion: “The class discusses things that are used to make predictions – what you know already, what you have seen happen before, etc.” [1]. Based on their knowledge children can make certain predictions. And also prediction gives children a good reason to read the text till the end, because now they have the purpose to do that – to find out whether their prediction was correct or not. Continue reading

Essay on the Philosophy of Education

Every person is a unique one and has own personality, individual ideas, mind, views on life, emotions, skills, etc. We can think, invent, realize and use our mind for implementing our ideas into reality. Sure, we can much more, but not all our abilities are given to us at birth, and we are responsible for their formation throughout our whole life. Even if you are an expert in any field, it doesn’t meet that you can’t continue improving yourself, as your potential is unmeasured and a process of its development is infinite. Continue reading

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