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Religion Essay Samples

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Religion Essay Examples

World Religions Essay: Why Can Buddhism Be Considered “Psychological”?

In order to investigate psychological aspects of Buddhism we need to give definitions to these terms.

Psychology investigates the mental activities of an individual. Psychology derived from philosophy, religion, education and sociology, and other sciences. The importance of psychology increases as it is applied to education, business, industry, health care, politics, law, science, etc. Psychology traces the modes of human behavior and the mental functions of mind. This science is used by psychologists to investigate the development of personality. However, psychology is partially successful in personality transformation and improvement. Continue reading

World Religions Essay: Discuss Some of Hindu Influences in America

Many scholars have questioned the idea of a one religion in India. Some Indian scholars state that the term Hinduism is a misnomer because its origin derived from the word Hidu.

The early American history is closely tied with Hinduism. Unitarians represented as a small, liberal sect of American Christians. In the period following American Independence many writers showed interest in religious ideas and texts of India. They belonged to the social and religious community of New England Unitarianism. Later they entered a uniquely American religious movement. Continue reading

World Religions Essay: How did Paul Universalize Christ?

There were many attempts to authenticate Jesus’ teachings and historicity. However, it is considered to be a matter of personal perspective. Ancient and modern depictions of Christ reveal his life based on scientific and mystical facts. Continue reading

“Hare Krishna, Hare Rama” Essay

What does this phrase mean and where it came from? At first it may seem that these words have no significant meaning but they are a part of the supreme mantra in Hindu religion, or Krishnaism, characterized by the worship to Krishna. The full version is: Continue reading

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