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Psychology Essay Examples

Essay on Physiological Psychology: The Symptoms and Causes of Phenylketonuria, Galactosemia and Tay-Sachs Disease

The development of genetics revealed a lot of interesting facts about functioning of human organism. Probably one of the most important discoveries that have been made is the discovery of the fact that certain diseases and disorders may be genetic by their character. Among such diseases may be named phenylketonuria, galactosemia, and Tay-Sachs disease. All of them are genetic disorders, which are to a certain extent interrelated. Continue reading

Physiological Psychology: Essay on the Importance of Sleep. The Characteristics of REM and Non-REM Sleep

Sleep is a natural process, which has always been a mystery for scientists. Even nowadays, despite numerous researches dedicated to this process, the mystery of sleep is still not fully revealed. Nonetheless, scientists have already learned a lot of information about the role and main functions of sleep and its stages. Continue reading

Physiological Psychology Essay: The Use of Animals in Research and the Ethical Issues Associated with Such Use

The development of science is practically unimaginable without practical experiments and tests. Unfortunately, some of such experiments and tests are closely related to the threat to health and life of animals that were and still are used in scientific purposes. Naturally, it engenders numerous discussions as for necessity of use of animals in researches and experiments, especially from ethical point of view.
Continue reading

Abnormal Psychology Essay: Approaches for the Treatment of Personality Disorders

There are three classifications of personal disorders. The first group includes paranoid, schizotypal and schizoid personality disorders. The second group deals with antisocial, borderline, historic and narcissistic personality disorders; while the third group describes the features of avoidant, dependent and obsessive-compulsive personality disorders. There are a lot approaches to treatment of these disorders but it goes without saying that all of them must take into account such factors, as surrounding, family, inheritance, biological and sociocultural aspects. Continue reading

Humanistic Therapy Essay

Psychotherapy develops impetuously during the last 50 years. New trends of this kind of therapy appear every year. Humanistic therapy, as one of the branches of psychotherapy, was developed comparatively recently but quickly became popular. The roots of this kind of treatment may be found in the 19th century in the works of famous philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard. The main goal of humanistic therapy is the investigation of immediate state and personal experience at the present moment. In this type of psychotherapy immediate feelings are of current importance and the focus is put on the present state, while past thoughts and behaviors are of little significance. Focusing on the present moment gives the patients the opportunity to get ready to further actions and change their focus from past. Continue reading

Essay on the Nature of Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology is a type of psychology that is based on the application of knowledge about human behavior to diagnose and treat people with disorders of emotions, thoughts and behavior. Clinical psychology requires the basic knowledge of practically all aspects of human life: social bases of behavior, its biological basing, ethical, legal and professional aspects, knowledge of statistics, methodology and psychological measurement. Continue reading

Psychology Research Paper on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has been one of the major problems concerning the life of many families nowadays. There have been many reports on domestic violence; however, not all victims prefer to reveal that they are being abused at home because of certain reasons. These reasons often include fear to be exposed to further violence, a feeling of disgrace or a conviction that the victims themselves should be blamed for some of the reasons of violence. Though being unreported cases of domestic violence still continue to exist, and their number is constantly increasing. However, domestic violence is not a problem of a victim and an aggressor; it is a problem of the whole society, because family is primary cell of it. Continue reading

Research Paper on The Developmental Strategic Changes in Children’s Memory and the Utilization Deficiency Phenomenon

The current paper is focused on the problem of the development of organisational strategies in children’s, its effect on children’s memory and recall abilities as well as the role of the utilization deficiency phenomenon. The main points the paper attempts to reveal are the strategy acquisition is rather rapid transition from non-strategic to strategic and not a gradual one. Furthermore, the acquisition of new strategies should be accompanied with the understanding of the task and knowledge about its use, as well as children understanding of its importance is also extremely significant. As for the memory performance it is much more effective if multiple strategies are used. Finally, the problem of the utilization deficiency mainly results from a transitional capacity problem. Continue reading

Essay on Human Development: Contrast Self-Concept Theory and Trait Theory with Regard to Occupational Choice

There are various factors which underlie occupational choice. I believe that social and economic environment is crucial in the establishment of the career choice. On the other hand, a person can exert vocational choice. In this context, he/she may make a wise and reasonable career choice or an unsatisfying one. Nowadays there are numerous forces which are the main determinants of occupational choice in our society. The birthright of the person is considered to be the most considerable factor in vocational choice because it constitutes the nationality, race, social belonging, family, educational and cultural possibilities for the individual, etc. An individual’s family is one of the most significant factors in the career choice.
Continue reading

Essay on Human Development: How Self-Concept, Including Gender Identity, Develops During Early Childhood

Nowadays, there is a tendency to emphasize self-concept as the principal target of the individual’s development. In early childhood this may cause many questions as to the child’s conception of his or her gender and sexual identity. “A child’s earliest exposure to what it means to be male or female comes from parents “(Kaplan, 1991). These issues are the consequence of early development, and thus early traumas may influence the entire gender development. “The information that surrounds the child comes within the family arena through parent-child interactions, role modeling, reinforcement for desired behaviors, and parental approval or disapproval” (Santrock, 1994). The ideas and beliefs may be changed when children move to a lager world, when they receive information through the media, and television. Continue reading

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