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Essay Examples

Workplace Observation Paper

Traditionally, workplace plays an extremely important role in the normal functioning of a company as well as in the life of each individuals employed by the company. In this respect, it is noteworthy that mutual understanding from the part of employees and employers is vitally important for high efficiency of work of employees and for successful of the company at large that is one of the main goal of employers.
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Essay on Analyzing Student Verbal and Written Assignment

There is no doubt that a good teacher should be able not only to teach students how to read and comprehend texts, write high-quality essays and present speeches, but a teacher should also be able to assess objectively students’ work. The main goal of current essay is to develop two scoring rubrics, which would allow to assess students’ verbal presentations and their written assignments. Continue reading

Essay on Analysis of Student’s Work: Class Grading System

Grading system is one of the key elements used in estimating students’ work during the whole school year. It is very important that both teachers and students understand how a certain grading system works in order to avoid any conflicts. First of all a grading system should reflect students’ performance. It should show how good or bad students’ work while fulfilling various task. Usually grading systems focus only on the results of work, however, it is also necessary to pay attention weather a work was turned in at the right time.
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Essay on Managing Homework

Homework is a form of independent practice. Homework plays an important role in the learning process. Its main aim is to consolidate skills and knowledge received in the classroom. In addition accomplishing homework helps to increase the students’ responsibility, get additional information and develop skills of independent work. Continue reading

Essay on Physiological Psychology: The Symptoms and Causes of Phenylketonuria, Galactosemia and Tay-Sachs Disease

The development of genetics revealed a lot of interesting facts about functioning of human organism. Probably one of the most important discoveries that have been made is the discovery of the fact that certain diseases and disorders may be genetic by their character. Among such diseases may be named phenylketonuria, galactosemia, and Tay-Sachs disease. All of them are genetic disorders, which are to a certain extent interrelated. Continue reading

Management and Leadership Paper

The aim of this paper is to analyze two concepts – management and leadership – and to differentiate them. Sometimes and even very often people think that these notions denote the same, though it is not always right. That is why in this paper we shall give the notions of a leadership and a management. Besides, we shall examine the role and responsibilities of leaders creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture. Continue reading

Physiological Psychology: Essay on the Importance of Sleep. The Characteristics of REM and Non-REM Sleep

Sleep is a natural process, which has always been a mystery for scientists. Even nowadays, despite numerous researches dedicated to this process, the mystery of sleep is still not fully revealed. Nonetheless, scientists have already learned a lot of information about the role and main functions of sleep and its stages. Continue reading

Social Studies: Professional Development Plan for Educators

Staff development plan is very important and in terms of this paper its basic points are developed. Primarily the main focus is on curriculum as well some observations are made in order to prevent possible difficulties the realisation of the plan may face. Than workshops, bulletins, in services are briefly discussed. Naturally, each plan has to be based on certain resources that are essential for its realisation. Furthermore, in order to achieve higher efficiency of the staff development plan it is necessary to use demonstrations. Finally, the plan also focuses on students for whose sake the staff is actually supposed to progress. Continue reading

Physiological Psychology Essay: The Use of Animals in Research and the Ethical Issues Associated with Such Use

The development of science is practically unimaginable without practical experiments and tests. Unfortunately, some of such experiments and tests are closely related to the threat to health and life of animals that were and still are used in scientific purposes. Naturally, it engenders numerous discussions as for necessity of use of animals in researches and experiments, especially from ethical point of view.
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Critical Analysis of the Plight of the Women in Othello

“Othello: The Moor of Venice” is one of the four greatest tragedies written by Shakespeare. The other three include “Macbeth”, “Hamlet” and “King Lear”. In “Othello” the author describes the relationship of two people: a young lady Desdemona, who is the daughter of Venetian Senator Brabantio and Othello, who is the general in the defence in the city of Venice. Continue reading

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