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Environmental Issues Essay Samples

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Environmental Issues Essay Examples

Essay on World Population Growth

Nowadays demographers believe the number of population can rise to more than 9 billion in the next 50 years. We believe that human population increased after World War II when the population of less developed nations began to accelerate dramatically. As a result, world population entered the twentieth century with approximately 1.6 billion people and left the century with 6.1 billion. Continue reading

Essay on Territoriality in Humans

Territoriality according to environmental psychology is the need of the individuals or groups to control a space. This control implies privileges and may involve aggressive actions in its defence. It leaves its roots in peculiar to territoriality of animals and need to keep an individual distance for survival purposes. A measure of an individual distance is such a distance between individuals at which probability of that they will bear or attack against each other are equal. Continue reading

Paper on Nuclear Power Industry and Nuclear Waste Disposal

Environmental Science Essay: How Will Nuclear Fuel Supplies, the Cost of Decommissioning Facilities, and Storage and Ultimate Disposal of Nuclear Wastes Influence the Nuclear Power Industry?

Nuclear power industry has been developed during the last 50 years. Nowadays nuclear power has reached a certain technological maturity in many developed countries. The main criteria for power plants are to be a reliable, environmentally acceptable and safe source of electrical energy. One of the most important tasks of any power plant is to develop energy services that minimize health and environmental impacts and at the same time best support development and improve the quality of life. Continue reading

Global Warming Essay

Now the average temperature is steadily rising worldwide. It refers to – global warming. The reason of global warming could be the different factors, however, many scientists connect it with a greenhouse effect. Long-term observations show that as a result of economic activities the gas structure and the dust content of the bottom layers of an atmosphere are changing. From the ploughed up grounds during dusty storms million tons of particles of ground rise in air. Continue reading

Essay on Some Effective Antecedent Strategies for Encouraging Environmentally Responsible Behavior

From environmental position, the strategy is a norm of optimum behavior in the environment, whether it is the individual or the groups of the individuals. The present environmental situation demands the change of the strategy that should find its reflection first of all in the environmental education. The environmental education should promote the development of such forms of the social activity which would reduce ecological risk to a minimum. It should play the main role in the change of cultural wealth, structures of the consumption, the attitude of the person to the nature, life, behavior of the person in the ecosystem. Continue reading

Environmental Studies Essay: Why is Environmentalism a Growing Factor in International Relations?

Environmentalism is an important issue that should be shared and solved by all the humanity. The question is how people go about implementing solutions. Environmental issues must be discussed and solved at the national and at the international levels. Continue reading

Green Home Essay

The growing pollution through greenhouse gasses and the loss of natural beauty, rare ecosystems and basic resources have led to the development of two very important designer and construction concepts – green building and sustainable design. The way we build our houses and chose the materials for them can have a great influence on our future and the future of our planet. The role of green houses in modern building is crucial and the process of constructing them must obtain a strong governmental and financial support. Continue reading

Essay on Eco Energy of Sun

The Sun is the largest luminary that brings life to our planet. It is the power source for plants, the source of the warmth, and the cause of flows of atmosphere and of water. Other words, it makes life possible and none of us would exist without it. The sun energy has been harnessed by humans using primitive techniques since ancient times. And nowadays with the development of renewable energy, the solar technologies are very prospective and promising as they provide people with clean energy without any harm to the environment. Continue reading

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