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Research Paper Examples

Research Paper on Translation Theory

Traditionally, translation played an extremely important role in different fields of human activities and affected them dramatically. In fact, it is possible to estimate that translation appeared along with the development of literary language and literacy in human societies. Moreover, it is even possible to estimate that in certain cases translation served as a tool of spread of literature, knowledge, human experience from one community to another. Continue reading

Research Paper: The Economic View of High Price Gasoline Impact on Automobile Sales in USA Market from 2002 to 2006

Nowadays, the situation in gasoline industry worldwide is considered to be quite serious and some countries can even face the real threat of a profound economic crisis caused by high prices of oil. Even such economically powerful countries as the US are affected by high prices gasoline but the consequences of such a situation are still worthy to research. In this respect, the impact of high gasoline prices on automobile sales, and consequently, on automobile industry is one of the most serious problems that economists are expected to solve. Continue reading

Psychology Research Paper on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has been one of the major problems concerning the life of many families nowadays. There have been many reports on domestic violence; however, not all victims prefer to reveal that they are being abused at home because of certain reasons. These reasons often include fear to be exposed to further violence, a feeling of disgrace or a conviction that the victims themselves should be blamed for some of the reasons of violence. Though being unreported cases of domestic violence still continue to exist, and their number is constantly increasing. However, domestic violence is not a problem of a victim and an aggressor; it is a problem of the whole society, because family is primary cell of it. Continue reading

Term Paper on The Contribution of Slave Trade to British Economic Development

British economic development is a subject of numerous scientific researches. Its causes and economic basis are still subjects for scientific discussions. Nonetheless, it is obvious that there were a number of factors that contributed to the British economic development, especially in 17th-19th centuries when the most dramatic change and the most rapid progress has been observed.

Many specialists indicate that one of the key elements of the progress of British economy is the development of Atlantic trade and colonization of American and African territories. But, on analysing the problem in depth, it is possible to find another important factor contributing to the rapid development of British economy and stimulating Atlantic trade in that epoch, and this factor is slavery trade, which probably not so obvious as industrialization, for instance, but also contributed significantly to the British economic development.
Continue reading

Research Paper on The Developmental Strategic Changes in Children’s Memory and the Utilization Deficiency Phenomenon

The current paper is focused on the problem of the development of organisational strategies in children’s, its effect on children’s memory and recall abilities as well as the role of the utilization deficiency phenomenon. The main points the paper attempts to reveal are the strategy acquisition is rather rapid transition from non-strategic to strategic and not a gradual one. Furthermore, the acquisition of new strategies should be accompanied with the understanding of the task and knowledge about its use, as well as children understanding of its importance is also extremely significant. As for the memory performance it is much more effective if multiple strategies are used. Finally, the problem of the utilization deficiency mainly results from a transitional capacity problem. Continue reading

The Bill Clinton Administration Research Paper

The presidency of Bill Clinton was characterized by highly controversial assessment and there are both admirers and severe critics of the policy held by the president administration since 1993 to 2001. Such a contrast in assessments obviously results from the work of all members of the administration but often it is personally Bill Clinton who is responsible for both successes and failures of American policy during his presidency. Continue reading

Research Paper: Critique and Empirical Study of “Customer Experience Management”

The paper is focused on the problem of Customer Experience Management. The paper discusses the definition of the notion and its basic characteristics. Than it is analyze in relation to the marketing aspect. The paper combines both theoretical assumptions and practical examples. The general idea is that Customer Experience Management is a very perspective though not deprived of some disadvantages and needs to be modified and improved. Continue reading

Research Paper on Human Resources Management: Process-Relational Attitude Versus Systems-Control Thinking

It has become common knowledge that human resources are the main value and the main factor influencing the work of an organization; there have been created different theories on human resource management, different approaches to organizing the work of the company in order to realize maximal productivity of human resources have been worked out… but despite the numerous researches and approaches, the work of the organizations and the activity of employees have not reached the predicted optimal level. Some of the methods led to improvement of organizational structure, to the change in motivation, to strengthening and consolidation of the working teams, but the so-called “human factor”, the imperfection of ordinary working people is one of the main obstacles to optimizing productivity and perspectives of the organization. Continue reading

Research Paper on Modern African American Culture and Education


For many years people coming from Africa to the USA used to be slaves suffering from racism. Nowadays everything is different, and descendants of African people brought to be slaves in the USA are living now in this country, and are treated almost equally. The reason for saying “almost equally” is because it is impossible to erase the historical facts, and everybody still remembers what was going on in the past. However, a lot of things have changed. Nowadays African Americans unite in so-called “Black” or “Afro-American” communities, members of which have origins in Africa and were brought to be slaves. However, a great number of Black people freely chose to come and live in the USA. Associating in communities according to the religious or political beliefs, according to hobbies or maybe just because of the same color of skin they live now in the USA comprising a considerable part of the population in a whole. Continue reading

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