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Research Essay: New Google’s Applications

Google is a world-known corporation that has kept the leading place in the Internet space for almost 15 years. It seems that it will never fail to surprise us by its various applications that are ready to assist us in communications, searches for information, news, music, videos, and many other our needs. So, let’s face with the most recent and outstanding ones.

Do you like to travel, to visit new places and to spend time actively? City Tours app was specially developed for organizing spectacular tours for you. Everything you need is just to input a starting address and you will be shown nearby points of interest and the most terrific walking tours. Also you should not worry about opening hours of the attractions as City Tours suggests only open ones. What is more, you can create your own excursions with My Map option, enjoy sightseeing of any city and share your favorite maps with friends.

Google Body is an informative application that allows us to study the structure of our own body from within. It is a 3D model of the human body with anatomical layers that you can peel back or zoom in. Also this amazing app makes it possible to identify anatomy, investigate organs, bones, muscles and other parts of our body.

The next web-gadget that attracted my attention is Google News Timeline. It is characterized by organizing information chronologically and allows you to view news and information on a graphical, zoomable timeline. With GNT it is easy to navigate through time as you can just type a certain time period and get all the interested data sources, such as news, events, scanned magazines and newspapers, sport scores and different types of media, and much more.

Fast Flip was specially created for newspapers lovers as it includes fast overviews of headline pages of leading editions. All the data is well-ordered in sections and you can select any of your preference, scrolling news up and down. Also you can choose the certain papers, share information and have the most recent news all around the world just in one place.

The next application will surely surprise you by its ability to browse interesting stuff on the web in a totally new way. Google Reader Play keeps in its digital mind all items that you have enjoyed and always can show you more and more stuff of your preference. All you need is just every time to click “like button” after reading an interesting for you item, and GRP will choose for you the most popular stuff on the web, items of your friends and other super data based on your predilection.

These striking applications are only the beginning of all opportunities that Google offers us and I am really surprised how each of them is well though-out that would satisfy all our web needs even those that we have not already thought about. And what will be next? We should just keep our curiosity and look forward for new Google’s releases. Can Write an Original Essay for You!

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